MSPRC Announces Temporary Suspension of Rights and Responsibilities and Demand Letters

PMSI has been informed that the MSPRC has temporarily suspended the issuance of Rights and Responsibilities (RAR) Letters and Demand letters.  The following notice has been posted on the MSPRC website:

“Issuance of the Rights and Responsibilities (“RAR”) and Demand letters has been temporarily suspended while these letters are under review.  The MSPRC is still working cases, and the RAR and Demand letters will be mailed out once appropriate revisions have been made”. 

The MSPRC has not confirmed how long this suspension of RAR and Demand letters will last and has stated that they are still working cases outside of the above noted suspensions.  Conditional payment letters (CPLs) will be issued on cases where the RAR has already been issued.  However, the conditional payment process will be suspended on cases where a RAR has not yet been issued as well as those cases where a final Demand has been requested.  PMSI will continue our current follow up process for all current pending cases at the MSPRC even in light of the current situation. 

It is recommended that clients begin the conditional payment verification process as necessary even in light of this announcement to get their cases in line for processing.  The MSPRC has confirmed that once the suspension has been lifted cases will be worked in the order that they were received.

PMSI remains in contact with the MSPRC and will continue to monitor this issue.  We will advise our clients accordingly as additional information is received. 

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