MSPRC Introduces Self Service Information Feature

The MSPRC has announced a new feature to the current customer service platform, called the Self Service Information Feature (SSIF), which will go live on September 30, 2011.  The SSIF is a new automated approach to providing callers the ability to obtain the most current information available related to demand/conditional payment amounts and the dates the correspondence on these issues were released without having to speak to a customer service representative.

Benefits of this new feature include:
•         Extended calling hours – the SSIF will be made available for additional hours outside of the MSPRC’s current hours of operation.
•         Shorter wait time – by using the SSIF, callers will no longer have to experience the wait time associated with speaking to a customer service representative.
•         Unlimited number of case inquiries on one phone call – after receiving information on a case through the SSIF, callers are given the option of checking multiple cases on that same call.

Vendors, attorneys, adjusters, and beneficiaries spend a significant amount of time corresponding with the MSPRC in order to obtain status updates and information regarding previously issued demand/conditional payment letters.  The implementation of the SSIF will provide an elevated level of customer service to the industry as a whole.

PMSI anticipates that additional steps will be taken towards improving service to the industry when Group Health Incorporated (GHI) begins to oversee the recovery process at the end of the month.

To view the MSPRC update in its entirety, click here.

4 thoughts on “MSPRC Introduces Self Service Information Feature”

    • Thank you for your question Karolyne. The announcement generically states “callers.” As long as the caller has the case identification number and the rest of the required information they should be able to use the Self-Service Feature.

      Callers will need the following information to utilize the Self-Service Feature:

      • Case identification number (found on all MSPRC correspondence)
      • Beneficiary’s date of birth
      • First five letters of the Beneficiary’s last name as it appears on their Medicare card
      • Last 4 digits of Beneficiary’s Social Security number (or full Medicare number)

    • The Self Service Information Feature has been live since the end of September. You are utilizing the correct phone number, and when contacting MSPRC you should receive the following prompts:

      – Select the type of language
      – Select the type of entity you represent (beneficiary, attorney, third party administrator, etc.)
      – Select the type of case (workers’ compensation, liability, no fault)

      After providing the above three types of information, you will receive the option for the automated system, in which you will need to select “1.” In order to use this option, you will need to provide the MSPRC Case Identification Number, the beneficiary’s last name and social security number, and the date of incident.

      Should you continue to experience any issues you may choose to speak to a representative.

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