Update on the MSPRC Self Service Information Feature

Since the MSPRC Self Service Information Feature (SSIF) has been up and running for over a month, we are now able to share some details of our experience with the new system.  The information provided through the SSIF is current, immediate, and pulled directly from their database. PMSI has found that the SSIF is an effective tool for obtaining real-time status if the caller has the required information. 

Callers will need the following to utilize the SSIF:

  • Case identification number (found on all MSPRC correspondence)
  • Beneficiary’s date of birth
  • First five letters of the Beneficiary’s last name as it appears on their Medicare card
  • Last 4 digits of Beneficiary’s Social Security Number (or full Medicare number)

If the caller does not have all of the above required information, the SSIF will not be helpful since the caller will automatically be placed in queue to speak with a representative.  Currently, the average wait time to speak to an MSPRC representative is approximately one hour, which is less than ideal in this busy industry.  In order to have the MSPRC case number, which is the key item needed to access the SSIF, you need to have received or have access to a piece of correspondence from the MSPRC on that case.

PMSI has been advised by the MSPRC that they plan on implementing future enhancements to the SSIF that will allow individuals to request a copy of correspondence that was previously issued.  This enhancement would be a welcome addition to the SSIF as we believe this is a common reason that vendors, insurance carriers, and TPAs are contacting the MSPRC.  In summary, while the SSIF has proven to be a quicker alternative to speaking to an MSPRC representative, it cannot be used on all cases since the case identification number is required and may not always be available.  This will lead to occasions where contact with a representative, with a potentially long wait time, may need to be endured until additional enhancements to this feature are implemented.

PMSI will continue to work with the MSPRC and has been asked to provide our feedback on the SSIF so that the system can be utilized in a manner that is helpful for all. If you have any experiences or thoughts on the SSIF that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear it.

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