Web-based Conditional Payment Portal Under Development

CMS has begun development of another internet based application which will assist with MSP Compliance. Last year, CMS implemented a web-based portal to streamline the WCMSA submission process.  Now, CMS is developing a portal to streamline the conditional payment recovery process. 

On April 2, 2012, the MSPRC announced the development of a new web-based tool called The Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSPRP) which will assist in the management and resolution of liability, no-fault Insurance, and workers’ compensation Medicare conditional payment recovery cases.

The MSPRP seeks to reduce and hopefully eliminate activities that currently require written or verbal communication with the MSPRC.  Attorneys, insurers, beneficiaries, TPAs, and their authorized representatives will have the ability to access and update certain case specific information online. 

Users of the MSPRP will be able to perform the following activities electronically:

  • Submit Proof of Representation or Consent to Release documentationInstead of mailing an authorization, users will have the ability to upload authorizations through the portal.
  • Request conditional payment informationRequesting an updated conditional payment amount or a copy of a current conditional payment letter will be as simple as clicking a few buttons.
  • Dispute claims included in a conditional payment letter Users will have the ability to view claims listed on the conditional payment letter and dispute unrelated claims online.
  • Submit case settlement informationUsers will have the ability to input settlement information online and upload a copy of the settlement documentation.

The MSPRP is scheduled to go live in July 2012. Additional details regarding the MSPRP will be shared on this website in the coming months. To view this announcement, please visit the MSPRC’s website.

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