Happy Thanksgiving from PMSI Settlement Solutions

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, PMSI Settlement Solutions has been busy counting its blessings. We have so much to be thankful for in 2012 and wanted to let you know our top 5!

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

1. Our Clients

Our clients are top notch. Every day they challenge us to find innovative solutions to assist in navigating the ever-changing MSP landscape. Settling claims with Medicare beneficiaries can be frustrating due to CMS/MSP requirements and changes, but you look to us to help lead the way and together we are able to make settlements achievable.

We are grateful to have brought on some wonderful clients in 2012 (you know who you are), and to have retained our existing and loyal clients (you know who you are too!).

2. Our Talented Team

The team here at PMSI Settlement Solutions is truly dynamic, hard-working, and is always taking that extra step to think outside of the box. We are grateful for the expertise that our team provides to ensure that our allocations are accurate and defensible. Thankfully, our team of Nurses, Certified Life Care Planners, Pharmacists, Attorneys and MSA Specialists are of the highest quality and make delivering best in class products simple. Our Single Point of Contact team works to make sure your experience at PMSI is one we can all be proud of!

3. Our Culture

PMSI is continually committed to a culture of innovation, fun, health, and community outreach. We are extremely proud of the fact that PMSI was named as a 2012 finalist in the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s list of Healthiest Employers. We also continue to raise money for local charities such as The Abilities Foundation and also larger charities such as The American Cancer Society.

4.  Medicare Insights Blog Success

MedicareInsights.com is still relatively new, but it has achieved a high level of success since its launch earlier last year. With an exceptional visitor return rate, it appears that the industry has enjoyed our articles and is continuing to look to PMSI as an expert in MSP compliance. We appreciate all of our subscribers!

5. Our Families and Friends

Without our families and friends, we would not have the support we need to uphold our passion and dedication at work. Our families and friends complete our lives.

A wise woman at PMSI once said: Eating too much turkey at Thanksgiving may lead to an increased waistline. An increased waistline may lead to obesity. Obesity may lead to an injury or disability. An injury or disability may lead to Medicare entitlement. Medicare entitlement may lead to having to refer a claim to PMSI Settlement Solutions. Conclusion= Eat lots of turkey!!!! 

We hope you liked our Thanksgiving joke….Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

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