Application of the New SMART Act Webinar

With the SMART Act signed by President Obama and becoming law on January 10, 2013, numerous changes are on the horizon with regard to conditional payment reimbursement and Mandatory Insurer Reporting (MIR). Please join us for a complimentary webinar which will address the SMART Act and the impact it will have on workers’ compensation and liability claims.  

Highlights from the webinar will include the details and application of the SMART Act in reference to:  

  • Being able to obtain a Final Conditional Payment Demand Prior to Settlement
  • Not having to report or reimburse Medicare for settlements under a certain monetary threshold
  • Changes in the application of fines for noncompliance with MIR and the reporting of SSNs/HICNs
  • A new statute of limitations/time limit wherein CMS cannot recover conditional payments

Heather Schwartz, Esq., MSCC, CHPE, CLMP, CMSP will offer her expertise in reference to the SMART Act on Thursday, January 24, 2013 from 2 PM -3 PM EDT.  Click here to register now!

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