Government Shutdown and Impact to MSP and CMS (Part 2)

On September 30th, we issued a blog about the government shutdown and predictions as to how it would affect the various operations at CMS and other entities charged with MSP operations. Please click here to read our prior blog.

As our subscribers are probably aware, it has now been over a week since the government shutdown commenced and it is unclear as to when it will cease.  PMSI would like to provide the following update to its subscribers:

CMS Approval Letters and the WCRC:

Over the past week, PMSI has still been receiving MSA approval letters from CMS, although fewer than usual. PMSI has learned from its contacts at the WCRC that the CMS Regional Offices are operating with a “skeleton crew,” and therefore some CMS approval letters are still being issued. However, approval letters are not being issued at normal volume and therefore the industry can expect fewer approval letters than usual until the shutdown ceases.

If a call is placed to any of the CMS Regional Offices, your call will be responded to with the following message: “Due to the absence of either a fiscal year 2014 appropriation, or a continuing resolution for the Department of Health and Human Services, our offices are in furlough and we are not able to respond to your message.”

Conditional Payment Processes and the MSPRC:

Over the past week, the MSPRC appears to be operating normally as predicted and the conditional payment process appears to not be affected.

As usual, PMSI will continue to keep our subscribers updated on the government shutdown and any affect it may have on the MSP processes.

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