Beneficiaries Can Now Request an Electronic CPL

A new feature has been added to the MSPRP which now allows beneficiaries (only) to submit a request for an electronic CPL and to print or save it in .PDF format. The electronic CPL will display the current Conditional Payment Amount and associated case and claims information.  For further details regarding this new feature, please refer to Chapter 1 of the MSPRP User Manual available under the Reference Material link on the Welcome page of the MSPRP.

This updated feature is the first step in compliance with the SMART Act.  Until CMS implements a security feature known as multifactor authentication (a methodology to authenticate a user identity) and integrates it into the Web portal, the Medicare beneficiary will be the only entity who can request and obtain all pertinent conditional payment information. Once multifactor authentication is implemented (by January 1, 2016), all authorized parties should be able to view and request claim-specific conditional payment data.

PMSI will continue to monitor any additional updated to the MSPRP and other developments related to the SMART Act.

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