Modification of Query Matching Criteria for Partial SSNs

Post by Frank Fairchok MedicareConnect℠ Senior Manager
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Frank Fairchok
MedicareConnect℠ Senior Manager

CMS has released an alert to notify all users that they have modified the matching criteria for queries where the full Social Security Number could not be obtained and a five-digit SSN was provided. This change, which is effective immediately, fixes an issue where false beneficiary matches were made when the partial SSN and only three of the other four query fields were matched with the existing full SSN logic. CMS will now utilize the partial SSN and the other four query elements as detailed here:

  • First initial of the first name
  • First 6 characters of the last name
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Gender

Per CMS, when an exact match on the partial SSN is found, then all of the other four remaining data elements must be matched to the individual exactly. However the matching criteria for HICNs and full SSNs will remain the same.

It is important to note that CMS encourages RREs to submit the HICN or full SSN when it is available to ensure the most accurate match is obtained. CMS reminds RREs in this alert that failure to match to a Medicare beneficiary with the full or partial SSN does not negate the RRE’s Section 111 mandatory reporting requirement when a reportable claim exists.

This alert, dated and released on June 18, 2015, can be found at the following address:

For more information, please contact Frank Fairchok, Senior Manager of MedicareConnect at

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